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Quynh is the Co-Founder of Amazing YOU English School, an inspirational practicing environment that can help local students to use English efficiently for work and in life. When she worked for Pegasus International Education Group and The Cliff Resort, she realized that communication and functional English skills play an important role in the corporate world. Unfortunately, according to a recent study, the percentage of fresh university graduates in her local community who can use English efficiently is only about 20%. Therefore, she came up with a blended-learning system called “40 percent theory and 60 percent practice”. This system has improved the English level of over 800 Vietnamese students in her local community at a low cost since 2015. The 60% practice is a combination of tailor-made extra curriculum activities that include Culture Exchange Event Series, local free tour guide for foreign tourists, and phone call challenge to Singapore; the other 40% theory consists of their creative teaching curriculum. Quynh runs a free series for the public called “Culture Exchange Event Series”, during which she invites her foreign friends from the U.S., Australia, South Africa, Singapore and more to share their cultures with her students. The students can not only practice their speaking skills and boost their confidence, but they can also broaden their knowledge about the outside world. Quynh also trains her students to become tour guides to show foreign tourists around Hanoi by providing her students with knowledge about historical places such as Temple of Literature and Museum of Ethnology. Up to now, she has given opportunities to more than 200 Vietnamese students to show foreign tourists around when they come to visit Vietnam. Apart from in-class lessons, she also applies technology in the class by incorporating an activity called “phone call challenges to Singapore via Skype”, during which her students can make phone calls directly to hotels or flower shops in Singapore with a little cost. Having worked in both the tourism and education sectors for 5 years, she has been delivering free ” Functional English for Tourism” classes, a socially driven activity for university students majoring in Hospitality and Tourism so that they can be well-equipped with practical knowledge and good communication skills.


Amazing YOU English School is an inspirational practicing environment that can ignite students’ passion for English learning with the outstanding “blended learning system” called “40 percent theory and 60 percent practice”. We provide Vietnamese students with a creative English practicing environment and help them to use English efficiently for work and life. When it comes to products, we are currently operating Communication English Classes with our blended learning method called “40 percent theory and 60 percent practice”. We are also running socially responsible activities for the public, including “Culture Exchange, Local Free Tour Guide for foreign tourists and Phone call challenge to Singapore” to local students Amazing You is also a non-profit bridge between fresh graduates from Tourism Faculty – the Vietnam University of Commerce and many Travel Agencies in Hanoi (365 Travel and Buffalo Tours) for job opportunities.

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