Hi, I’m Quynh Nguyen!

I work as a social entrepreneur and an educator for Amazing YOU English School, a for-profit social enterprise in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Over the last 7 years of entrepreneurship, one specific issue that I am passionate about dealing with is that in the context of cultural integration among different countries in the world, nearly 80% of local students in my community lack essential global skills such as critical thinking or cross cultural English communication skill and these actually prevent them from getting good jobs from multinational companies after their graduation and they find it really hard to bring financial support to their families.

My solution is that to empower local students with global competence, I successfully built a blended learning community with my signature “Culture exchange event series” to enhance their English communication, cross-cultural and critical thinking skills. With the participation of over 200 foreign guests coming from different countries such as The U.S, the U.K, Australia and 11 ASEAN nations, I have created a free and in-person language and culture exchange and debate environment for over 800 Vietnamese students.

In addition, as for online blended learning activities, I created an online community of over 100,000 members to help Vietnamese students study for the “Test of English for International Communication” (TOEIC). I also teach “Communicative English” free of charge to around 2,000 disadvantaged Vietnamese students in Northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam via Zoom application.


Provide a learning environment for language and culture to over 800 Vietnamese students free of charge


Teach ‘Communicative English’ to approximately 2,000 underprivileged Vietnamese students free of charge


Culture exchange events


7 years of social entrepreneurship


Educational community projects


An online self – study group of 100,000+ Vietnamese students

An English self – study group of over 100,000 members.


Tự học TOEIC 990 (2023)


• I work as an academic administrator for an online self – study group of over 100,000 members.

• I design and teach English language sessions, free of charge, for students from all parts of Vietnam

Educational community-based projects


• I worked with 5 young leaders from 5 ASEAN countries to come up with a student-centric learning project called “Leadspire”. It is a platform for ASEAN young leaders ranging from 13 to 18 years to learn, lead, inspire and bring back to their local community.

• Our team was selected by U.S Department of State to receive a seed grant of $ 5000 to run this community – based project.

PROJECT 2: Empowering disadvantaged youth towards local economic development
• I am currently working with two young leaders from Brunei and Vietnam to empower 40 university students in Central Vietnam with English language and critical thinking skills
•  Our team has been selected by U.S Department of State to receive a seed grant of $2750 to run this community – based project.


40 non-profit “Culture Exchange” events

I have collaborated with Ms. Woo Lai Ping Joan, a Hong Kong tour leader, to organize 40 non-profit “Culture Exchange” events. These events have featured more than 200 inspiring foreign guests from different countries and provided a free language and culture learning environment, as well as opportunities for debate in English, to 800 local university students in Nam Tu Liem District, Vietnam.

Non-profit ‘English Communicative’ courses for disadvantaged youth

I have been delivering not-for-profit “English Communicative” courses, which create a virtual learning environment and enable to enhance the English speaking skills of nearly 2,000 local students, especially minorities in Hong River Delta regions and Northern mountainous provinces.


I designed five local tours in Hanoi and provided my students with opportunities to become free tour guides for foreign tourists. This allows them to enhance their English speaking skills while sharing their knowledge of the city with visitors.


Amazing English Camp is a 2-day, 1-night trip where our local students are required to use English only to interact with international guests throughout the journey. Our local students will participate in team-building activities and storytelling to enhance their English speaking skills.


I was invited by the “English for all” Club, which is part of the Faculty of Business English at Thuong Mai University, to be a guest speaker for a sharing session. During the session, I shared with the audience how to apply for short-term scholarships.


1. 2022 New Zealand Global Competence Certificate (Massey University)                  
I was chosen by Education New Zealand as 1 out of 40 Vietnamese teachers across the country to receive the scholarship of “New Zealand Global Competence Certificate” , which focuses on education
2. Online English Professional Network Scholarship – OPEN Scholarship (U.S. Embassy Hanoi)
I was chosen by the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi to receive the OPEN teacher training scholarship, which is valued at $1500


2022 Summit in Cambodia – Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

• Was selected by U.S Department of State as one of 150 young leaders from 11 ASEAN countries to attend the Summit on Economic Empowerment in Cambodia.

2018 Regional Workshop in Myanmar – Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

• Was chosen by U.S Department of State as an impact entrepreneur to attend a regional entrepreneurship workshop in Myanmar



The training workshop “Community practice for English language educators”

Using educational technology in the English Language Classroom (by VietTESOL & Regional English Language Office Vietnam)

TESOL Methodology

The ASU Spark Method Facilitator Certification

Instructional Design Masterclass (Arizona State University)

Leadership Masterclass (Arizona State University)